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by William Lessard

After Carson's Each Day Unexpected Salvation

Raspberry-flavored water brand. Corinthian leather seats brand. Two all-beef patties brand. Instant migraine relief brand. Quicker picker-upper brand. Mattress Professionals brand. Brand available in unscented or White Pine Odor Block. King of Beers brand. Leader of the Free World brand. X-tra stuffed stuffed-crust pizza brand. #1 constipation relief brand. Brand that promises to get things moving in Washington. New Element in Outdoor Furniture brand. Wisecracking lizard car insurance brand. Brand that fights the toughest dirt. Brand that gives you killer abs or your money back. Brand favored by young moms. Brand trusted by left-handed lesbian seniors from Minnesota. Brand that smiles while holding the door open. Brand that helps you with your groceries. Brand with less tar than other leading brands. Thursday evening casual dining brand. Daily solution for erectile dysfunction brand. "Best Automotive Achievement" for five years running brand. "Best Supporting Actress in a Middle-Age Crisis Drama" brand. "Best Chipotle Tofu Hotdog" brand. Brand that knows how to make you laugh. Luxury brand. Budget brand. Brand that grins at you while lying. Brand that promises superior service. Leading provider of drone-based surveillance brand. #1 mobile carrier brand. Brand that leaves the light on. Brand that's the choice of a new generation. Brand that comes in lime green, cherry and spearmint. Brand that comes home after work with a dozen roses dripping blood. Marriage-material brand. Brand that doesn't steal your credit card, your car, your grandmother's social security number. Brand that's on your side. Brand that's behind every kiss. Understanding brand. Not the usual losers you date brand. Brand that gets you in the mood. Brand that takes you to a bed and breakfast with floral sheets. Brand that brings you breakfast in the morning. Sensitive brand. Brand that strokes your hair after a bad day. Brand that plays heaven on an old acoustic guitar. Brand that whistles. Brand that knows how to dance. Divine brand.  Wild poet brand. Brand that leads you by the hand to a field of blowing grass. Brand that unties a white scarf.  

William Lessard is writer whose work has appeared in McSweeney's, NPR, Wired and Thought Catalog. He has performed at the New York Poetry Festival, KGB, Bronx Arts and BOOK SHOW in Los Angeles. He also won the first-annual "Bureaucratic Writing Contest" hosted by tNY.Press (formerly the Newer York). Follow him on Twitter at @YoDollaBill or catch one of his reviews on ENTROPY.