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The Head is an Ocean We Forgot to Explore
Nathan Alan Schwartz

Days roll by like train track earthquakes
on rusty nail bridges
& I am stuck in my head
as though somebody
had locked the door behind me
the moment I stepped in. 

I created with my own two hands
a world to live in that is not this one.
if you could see everything that I’ve created
you’d rescue me from the darkness
you’d swallow my thoughts

you don’t exist…..
you are a ghost on
White lined paper
I am creating your world too
I am creating you.
with sharpened words
with sharpened pencil
In this world that I’ve created
you are perfect
but I am not
nor will I ever be

burning a candle on a reality plane
I step into the light and swallow whatever
thoughts come rolling in, but I am lost. 
I am without maps.
I am a whale caught in a net
I am the rolling tides
I am on Earth
but my mind is out on some exploration
on some ocean we forgot to explore