Writer of the Month: Nathan Graziano      

"And somewhere, even farther away, there was this vague recollection, the dimmest of the dim stars, that all of this, at one time, used to be fun.


Art: Allen Forrest


A selection of paintings and drawings from the Canadian-born artist.   

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Essay: For Every Area Roamed                    

I’ve learned and mastered the skill of ignoring inappropriate statements and questions like these. It’s nothing I haven’t heard before, so I can just brush it off as I always do even though I feel nearly powerless and weak. I can’t answer their questions or assertions or else I will become a joke that they will mock. Helpless  

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Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015) 


... when Nimoy died, and when we collectively wept upon hearing the news, we were not just sorry that a great actor passed away. Beyond the multitude of relationships we as an audience enjoyed with Spock, we also felt a connection to Nimoy himself. 


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