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Preaching to a Top 40 Choir
Kevin Ridgeway

her church was music
and her gods dead rock stars
who she joined on an eternal tour
around the furthest reaches
of space and time,
and if one were to keep
playing her songs
out of tune, 
the ball and chain
scarring the most
earth-shattering voice
I've ever heard will kick
you right in the head
and out of her cosmic
intergalactic super group
with one half of those
many pairs of
blue suede shoes
that everyone tried
to step on.

Kevin Ridgeway lives and writes in Southern California. Recent work has appeared in Chiron Review, Nerve Cowboy, Spillway, BIG HAMMER, Gravel Magazine, Olentangy Review, Riverside City College's Muse Magazine, Dryland Lit, Lummox and Cultural Weekly, among others. His latest chapbook of poetry is Contents Under Pressure (2015, Crisis Chronicles Press).