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William Lessard

Rembrandt with Cell Phone
by William Lessard
Writer of the Month

POETRY<br>Rembrandt with Cell Phone<br>by William Lessard<br>Writer of the Month

William Lessard, our Writer of the Month for January 2016, with a moving exploration of the selfie -- from the Old Masters to the selfie-stick, in "Rembrandt with Cell Phone". 

You begin to swipe through your entire gallery.
You start with the photo tonight, then go back, back, back:
fat you, skinny you, drunk you, sick you, happy you, heartbroken you.
A "you" for every brand moment, yet none that captures those breaths

before the filter performs the enchantment of its enhancement. 

by William Lessard

POETRY<br>Pantheon<br>by William Lessard

William Lessard with a poem inspired by our ever-expanding advertising landscape, "Pantheon". 

King of Beers brand. Leader of the Free World brand. X-tra stuffed stuffed-crust pizza brand. #1 constipation relief brand. Brand that promises to get things moving in Washington. New Element in Outdoor Furniture brand. Wisecracking lizard car insurance brand. Brand that fights the toughest dirt. Brand that gives you killer abs or your money back.