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Bill Lessard

4x4ever everything I expected         2.5 bedroom gun rack smokestack tread for dread of poor handling     known known unknowable     star-spangled suspension of disbelief     relief that the newest models come standard with Viking military standards of disengagement         legs and arms and anything else that gets in the way of your way or the highway         past last gas station of hesitation temptation to let go let go         bullets and barbecue on     cue your favorite song playing tie a yellow ribbon 'round every citizen denizen of         deep sleep I didn't get last night     babies launching from the middle of my head shot down by drone strike side-airbags     oppositional last breath you never get I get or         ha, ha, ye-haw! trucknuts without borders horders of post-apocalyptic trailer preview     rear-view of what I make of this make of vehicle of     everything taught and sold without breaks breaking down fear of fear of fear of fear of fear of                           please tell me what's wrong

William Lessard has writing that has appeared or is forthcoming in McSweeney's, The Brooklyn Rail, FANZINE, NPR, Prelude, FUNHOUSE, Wired, Hyperallergic, People Holding. His work has also been featured at MoMA PS1. His chapbook Rembrandt with Cell Phone has been published by Reality Beach. He was Drunk Monkeys' January Writer of the Month.