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Since its inception, Drunk Monkeys has strived to showcase strong work from strong writers. "Build worlds, break hearts.”

It used to be the norm in the literary landscape: letting the work speak for itself,  separating the art from the artist. However, in these increasingly divisive times, this is no longer a feasible practice.

Drunk Monkeys has a very clear mission: to be inclusive, to denounce bigotry of all kinds, and to stand up to those who abuse and persecute. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding racism, trans/homophobia, misogyny, and violence for the sake of violence. If we receive work from an abusive person, we will decline it, as is our right to do. If we are alerted that we have published a piece by an abuser, we will unpublish it, as is our right to do.

Some people (incorrectly) perceive this course of action as censorship, as an infringement on their First Amendment rights. However, we believe it is our right, and the right of all publications, to publish people they believe in and can stand by on both an artistic and moral level. We also believe it's rude af to ask any publication to bend its rules or ignore its core beliefs under the pretense of being entitled to a platform.

We are here to use our privileges to protect, defend, and uplift others. To create a safer literary community. We can take the brunt of any abuse that may (and has) been thrown our way. We will not change and are not here to argue.

Build worlds, break hearts,

-The Drunk Monkeys Staff

The following people have helped make Drunk Monkeys an inclusive and paying (albeit minimally) market:

Ashely Adams

Barbara Biggs

Chloe Clark

Brian Collins

Cathleen Conway

Emma Croker

Daniel DiFranco

Elizabeth Ditty

Allan Ferguson

Seth Fischer

Pat Foran

Nadia Gerassimenko

Beth Gordon

Lauren Gorski

Kia Alice Groom

Brent Hearn

Thomas Stock Hendel

Fritz Hoepfner

Kolleen Carney Hoepfner

Michael Joyce

Jen Schomburg Kanke

Kelly Knabb

Amy Kotthaus

Samantha Lamph

Julie LeMay

Anna Lizzo

Sarah Nichols

Jeanne Obbard

Sky O’Brien

Sam Rasnake

Cecilia Savala

Zac Smith

Francyn Stuckey

Katy Veilleux

Bonnie Walker

Jacob Weber

Mark Williams

Sean Woodard

Matthew Woodman

Rebecca Zaehring