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From the Mouth of God
Ethan Sturm

Image ©  Oscar Keys

Image © Oscar Keys

from the mouth of god
(a poem constructed entirely from kanye west quotes)

it’s not about me. it’s about ideas. new ideas.
if i can remove my ego, i will be

the loudest voice. we’re all self-conscious
but people are so scared to lose they don’t even try. 

this dark diction has become America’s addiction. 

to live and breath every element of life, that’s
what i’m here for. to be
god’s vessel. to be a machine. i’m a 

robot. i’m like a tree. i feed the branches
of the people.

sometimes i get emotional over fonts. the vices
in my head told me to. listen, 

comparing yourself to someone who has done
so much, that’s a mentality 

that suppresses humanity.

listen to the kids bro—art
ain’t always gonna be polite.

Ethan Sturm is a poet, spoken word artist who has showcased his work across multiple continents. A Knoxville, Tennessee native, Sturm spent time studying poetry at the Iowa Writer’s Workshop before moving to Italy last year. His writing can be described as a mixture of honest self expression and witty romanticism.