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The Eyes of the Abyss

Nietzsche warned us not to look
long into the abyss, or it will look long
into us.

I have looked many times into the
wretched eyes, coven blackened from
worship, eyes with no spark.
They burrow through my head,
my innocence served up like a buffet.
I know the fecal notes from this Satan's breath.

I’ve never personally met the Devil, just
a lot of his devotees. I have looked
long into the abyss, the void, the black hole
leaching off my soul, down to the marrow.
I no longer trust. I never totally feel safe, 
I never completely relax, I never sleep deeply. 
I’m afraid of the dark. 
I no longer believe in God. 

Each of the Devil's mentors left their
malignant fingerprints inside my head, 
forever. I know the Devil exists -- I'm
related to a few of his flunkies.