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Freedom of Expression
Peter V. Dugan

Image ©  Thong Vo

Image © Thong Vo

the girls ooh & aah
loose and wild on the streets
as black lights flash
and the flames of candles dance
still suffering from pubescent
pop-star infatuations
they light up and blow a joint
cigarette smog hangs, halo lights glow
talismans, gleam under the streetlight
black motorcycles, leather bikers
with new tattoos
enticing and inviting
they dance with the devil
tapping the bar and banging
every glass and bottle
with hoots and howls, cheers and jeers
whispering aloud, speaking
in infinite detail
myth and magic tied with twine, 
a string of lies, consumed
after drinking the left over orange juice
her luminous eyes sparkle
as she prances and dances across the stage
it will get them to pay attention
and with a sharp snapping bark
on a summer night
suspended above the ground
twisted like a pretzel
ranting about the ‘narcs’ in the trees
it's all a blend of flesh and bone,
titanium and plastic, held together
by calculated ambiguities
a two-dimensional image
crammed inside a box
with death defying acrobatics
and other dare-devil deeds
waiting with anticipation
the experience ends

Peter V. Dugan hosts the poetry reading series Celebrate Poetry at the Oceanside Library, Oceanside NY and has written 4 collections of poetry. His poems have been published in several print and online publications, including Contemporary American Voices, Long Island Quarterly, Aberration Labyrinth, Grub Street, Literary and Arts Magazine and Aitia, Philosophy-Humanities Magazine.