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How to Kiss a Man With a Mustache
Katie Moore

Gently, approach his smile from below,
be soft at first, coax his tongue
into your mouth, press your left
palm to his cheek, grip his sleeve
with your right hand, and don't
be afraid of the prickle. There
will be no doubt, this kisser
is all ladies man. 

Let it happen, and learn as you go.
Banish all thoughts of Tom Selleck,
Mark Twain, and Gene Shallot. 
Appreciate the contrast in texture
between coarse machismo,
silky lips, and wet spit. Grab tighter, 
his head in both your hands, 
suck only the bottom lip. 

It's OK to giggle if it tickles
as long as you don't
pull away. Laugh right into his
mouth, lick his lips, run your
tongue along the ridges of his teeth,
steal his gum, stop only when breathless.
Practice often until you're sure
you've got it right.

Katie Moore is the founder of a little literary magazine called The Legendary, a coffee shop manager, an Improv actor, and a proud mother. She writes because her life depends on it. Katie comes from the untouched wilderness of Southern Maryland, makes her home in the concrete jungle of Memphis, Tennessee, and plans to someday retire to a certain mountain peak in Appalachia to raise goats and rescue pit bulls. Her hair is curly, her wit is sharp, and if you need to know more check out: