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Drunk Dial
Jamie Haddox

Dishonesty is always drawn
helplessly to the truth
There used to be a dial tone
while you considered
your connection.
You had to punch in numbers.
Now you say his name, 
and the flood starts.
God, I'm sorry...
     God, I'm lost...
         God, I'm broken...
              God, I’m falling down the stairs again...
It was never what you meant to say, never
what he wanted to hear, but the truth
kept spewing,
Unstoppable, unrelenting, 

Jamie Haddox has been studying the art of writing for over half her life. She received an Associates Degree in Creative Writing in 2012, and received a BA in Creative Writing in 2014. Her poems have appeared in Pretty Owl Poetry, Golden Walkman, and Haute Dish.