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Thoughts for the Day by Barbara Iczkowski


I bit into a donut, an item on my “do not eat list”.
As I tasted it, subliminal messages flooded my brain.
In a split second I was totally aware of every feeling I ever had,
in all my years,when eating that particular donut.

This is why we over indulge,
our subconscious finds comfort in past memories.

When we realize the problem, we will take correct action.
Over eating is on the rise, it’s time to take control of our habits.
Meditate on “Why do I over indulge” and your answer will arise


I’m a spiritual person,
I follow no set religion.
I prefer seminars over church.
Chants over hymns.

I practice my faith alone,
don’t push it on anyone,
nor do I desire to change anyone’s belief.

I enjoy church to hear the Bible stories,
there is so much depth in each story,
life lessons to be learned.

We all have our God, our Source of life,
it’s best to follow your heart,
for in the end
it always has been and always will be,
only between You and Him!

© 2011 Barbara Iczkowski

Barbara Iczkowski is a Reiki Master II student currently residing Los Angeles.