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Thoughts for the Day by Barbara Iczkowski


I have reached the point in my life where I have lived more years than I have left.
I refuse to waste them being touchy, angry or resentful. My intention is to

live the balance fully.

From the beginning to the middle I have learned life’s lessons.
Daily, they echo back to me,
keeping me balanced.
If you meet me on my path,
I hope my life leaves a positive imprint

on yours…..


Someone wrote to me….
Without closure there can be no end and no progression to another level,
phases  of life have a beginning, a middle and and end, which are marked by commemorative dates.

….my response:
They are commemorative dates because you labeled them so,
this does not  always give them the same
meaning to others for they have their own labels.
As long as we keep the memory on something, there is no closure.Learn to  accept the “isness” of everything,
this is what brings closure.
Life is a continuance, there is no stop and go, it’s a ribbon,
each thread segues into the next

there is no beginning or end.

When we remove labels and allow what is,

we can see life ebbs and flows in a natural sequence of events.

Life does not throw us against the rocks, we allow it to,
“We are the water, we are not the fish”
“Life is 10% what happens to us, 90% how we react to it”

Barbara Iczkowski is a Reiki Master II student currently residing Los Angeles.

© 2011 Barbara Iczkowski