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Thoughts for the Day by Barbara Iczkowski

Here at Drunk Monkeys, we celebrate the search for meaning and truth. Whether the source is something as seemingly trivial as a pop song or comic book or as heavily analyzed and exhaustively mined as holy scripture, it will always include some reflection of our shared experience.
To that end, we present the first entry in our newest feature, highlighting the poetry and affirmations of Reiki student and suburban mystic Barbara Iczkowski in her series “Thoughts for the Day”.

Easy Meditation

Meditate anytime, any place. Be still, quiet the mind.
Relax – become aware of the in breath and the out breath.
Feel the calm engulf you.
Place the attention on your heart, feel the energy
moving through it. This is the energy of life.
Ask yourself, what is my heart asking me?
Visualize the space around you, feel the silence…
Bring it in close, feel it blanket you.
Peace is overtaking you. When the mind wanders,
gently bring it back to the breath.
This is meditation, where all problems dissolve.
Do now look for anything to happen. Results will come
when you least expect them.
It will quietly come to your mind.
Listen to the still small voice inside you.


© 2010 Barbara Iczkowski

Orchestra of Three

Love is the song of my soul
it sings to me daily.
No need to look for it in another
for it resides deep within me.
It’s comprised of an orchestra of three
My spirit, God an me.
Feel free to harmonize with me.
When others leave, the harmonious tones we shared
live for eternity in me. This is the gift they gave to me.

Barbara Iczkowski is a Reiki Master II student currently residing Los Angeles.

© 2011 Barbara Iczkowski