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Just a Little Look

The smell of drunk was all about him.
As he looked into me
my breath escaped my stomach
like a sucker punch. 

When we would visit my Aunt Jackie
there were rules. My rules. And the #1
rule for this house was never, ever, never
get stuck in a room alone with Uncle Dub. 

Uncle Dub was a bit of a drunk, 
I never knew him to be sober.
He was a pedophile with an engorging interest in
the pre-tween me. I was vulnerable sitting on a
high kitchen stool that seemed as tall as the
Golden Gate Bridge. I was too afraid to jump. 
Sitting on the stool, alone in the kitchen, 
It took a matter of seconds to conqure my fear.

He walked in, saw I was alone and asked me to
spread my legs so he could get a little look.
I jumped off the stool with no fear, and ran to my mother.

My parents were oblivious to anything
but cigarettes and Ripple. I was oblivious
to anything but trying to keep my knees closed.