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Do Not / Write by Debarun Sakar

Do not write to me
With the dark blue ink anymore

Do not write to me
With the bloated metaphors and metonyms
Whose meanings are forever sliding and slipping

Do not write to me
With the calm of your mind

Do not write to me
With words whose meanings
I have to look up in the dictionary or a thesaurus
And all it leads me to is a labyrinth of more words

Do not write to me in a bottle
Hoping the letter to reach the right destination

Write to me, simply, in a fragmented fashion
Put down your thoughts on the paper as close
As one can.

Or even better,
Speak to me, and let the sonic waves
Act as medium of communication, with possibilities
Of backtracks, of half finished sentences and
Those beautiful and unique intonations, stresses, and pauses
That your accent provides.

Debarun Sarkar is presently a post-graduate student of Sociology at Presidency University, Calcutta. Works have been published in The Brown Critique (July 2013), Foliate Oak Literary Magazine (October 2013) and The Bangalore Review (October 2013).