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Sticky Like Honey by Erren Kelly

Play on Coltrane
Wail on sarah
The night is out
And even the stars are
Jealous of you

Honey brown baby
Bathing like the queen of sheba
Flames float on water
Surrounding you
Teardrops coated in phosphorous

I revel in the joy of our bounty
As I washyour neck
Thinking of the bounty
That was your booty

Play on Coltrane
Wail on sarah
The night is out
And the stars
Are jealous of you

But they are only tears of joy
That remind me of our night of discovery
You gave yourself to me like a bird
My hands find your hourglass
And my sex grows
Thinking of the notes
Beestung lips could blow

Striving to make a motion
A motion in your ocean
Getting sticky like honey
A sweet love potion
Rocking the night away
With you in a spoon
Tasting your lips
Tells me rain will fall

Play on Coltrane
Wail on sarah
Night is out and even
The stars are afraid of you

Erren Geraud Kelly has been published in several magazines in print and online in publications such as Red Fez, Similar Peaks, Penineink, Main Street Rag and others. Kelly recieved his B.A. in English–Creative Writing from Louisiana State Sniversity in Baton Rouge. Erren lives in Burlington, Vermont.