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Writing is About Power
by Gessy Alvarez

Gessy Alvarez of Digging Through the Fat delivers a fierce message to young writers: never ask for permission. 

Writing is about power. It is not about permission or acceptance. It is not pointless. It can be vain and arrogant. It is inconsistent. When my writing fails to gain an audience, I wallow for a bit, but I don’t give up. I begin a new writing project and work to gain a modest audience. But what drives me to write is not the prestige or accolades that may follow, it’s the challenge to create something that will outlive me. 

The Working Class Credentials of Stephen King by Donald McCarthy

James Patterson, Daniel Silva, Patricia Cornwell, David Baldacci, Jeffrey Deaver, and Dan Brown are all New York Times bestselling writers. At any time you’re almost guaranteed to see one of them on the current NYT bestselling list. As I glance down the current list I see descriptions that are similar: federal agents, hit men, police detectives, and medical examiners. Almost all are part of a series based on a character. Almost all are about people who are settled in important jobs from which little tension is garnered about their future career prospects.