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 Photo by  Tim Mossholder  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Hello! Here is a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT regarding submissions!

After much thought and spreadsheeting and tears and passive aggressive sighing, we have decided to close submissions for all categories until the end of the year.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Restructuring: we are in the process of fundraising and need to know how to structure each issue according to our budget

  • Clearing that queue: we are behind on submissions and moving forward I would like to not have such a wait time between submission and decision

  • Mapping out future issues: there is a substantial gap between acceptance and publication and it makes me upset; I would hate to wait so long to see my work published and I am sure you would, too, so I want to make sure that is a thing of the past come 2019

  • General family/holiday shenanigans: our staff is made up of people whose lives get real bizzay between October and January

We will be closing all categories except our 24-hour turnaround time with the condition that there will be an extended wait between any acceptance and publication. We will aim to reopen on January 1st.

Thank you for your understanding!

We are looking for original, unpublished fiction and poetry with strong character arcs and immersive description. Build worlds and break hearts. 

In non-fiction, we prefer pieces that are factual, but not academic. Keep the people in your story front and center.

Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please withdraw your work if it is accepted elsewhere.

If we have rejected your work, please wait 90 days before submitting again, unless we request you to send us another piece for consideration.

We will not respond to any work sent to our email inbox. If you are having issues with Submittable, please let us know, but do not attach your work.

We do not accept multiple submissions in any category. Multiple submissions will be rejected immediately.

We will try to get back to you on your submission within three month. If you have not heard from us in 90 days, you may follow up on the status of your submission with an email to

The exclusive rights for every work published on Drunk Monkeys belong to the contributing writer, not to the website or its owners. Any piece found to be plagiarized will be removed from the site immediately.

Here are some more specific guidelines by category: 


Tired of long wait times? Tired of refreshing Submittable, hoping to see "In-Progress" turn into "Acceptance"? 

For a $3.00 fee, our editorial staff will read and respond to your submission within 24 hours from when you submit it! 

For Fiction, there is a strict word-limit of 3,000 words

For Poetry, only one poem at a time is allowed. 

For Non-Fiction the word-limit is 3,000 words, and no queries are allowed. 

All submissions will receive careful, but speedy, consideration. Rejected submissions will also receive a brief, personalized feedback statement. 



You will find three fiction categories on our Submittable page:

Fiction (with feedback)

Flash Fiction

Fiction (under 3,000 words)

Fiction (with feedback) allows you to receive notes and suggestions on your story from our editors, for a $5.00 fee. There is a 3,000 word limit on this category.

Flash Fiction is for short stories from between 1,000 to 1,500 words only. If your story is over 1,500 words, please submit to Fiction (under 4,000 words). Stories under 1,000 words will not be considered.

Fiction (under 3,000 words) is where the bulk of our published fiction comes from. 



Poetry submissions should be in the form of a document containing up to five poems. Submissions containing over six poems or more will not be considered for publication. Please note that all of your poems will be published justified left. 




We are currently seeking Film Essays for the upcoming issues of our online magazine. Essays should be at least 1,000 words long, and no longer than 5,000 words

If you have an idea for an essay or retrospective series over 6,000 words long, please query first. 



We are currently seeking Music Essays for the upcoming issues of our online magazine. Essays should be at least 1,000 words long, and no longer than 5,000 words

If you have an idea for an essay or retrospective series over 6,000 words long, please query first. 

We will also consider Musical Performance Videos to run on our site or share on our social media pages.



Drunk Monkeys is looking to expand its essays and articles section with pieces on pop culture, politics, and societal issues in general. We are more than happy to look at experimental essays or articles that take a new, unique spin on an old issue. Pieces can be written in a friendly, casual way or in a more academic way; different subjects call for different tones.

There are two ways for you to submit a piece for our consideration. The first is to pitch an article idea along with a writing sample or a link to a previous work(s) that have been published online and are accessible (if it’s through a paywall we won’t be able to see it). The second way is to submit a completed essay.

Queries should be sent through Submittable, inside a document. Do not send queries to our email address. We will not respond to email queries.

Please query for all articles over 5,000 words