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Dummy Hand
Kimberly Peterson

You exhale gasoline, 
toss around lit
matches, pockets bulging
with match boxes. 

Incensed by the increase in wild
fires, you hurl incendiary
insults at opponents. 

From eponymous towers,
you announce your
campaign anti all others.

The antithesis of a sword
swallower, you spew
conspiracy sermons of refugee
terrorists in sinking Trojan
ships and autism-laced vaccines, 

To supporters with a righteous
brand seared beneath the epidermis.

You announce a xenophobic
xylophone concerto as a fund-raiser for the
under-privileged veterans of
Martha’s Vineyards.

Understanding economics as crudely as
the oil you’d embargo, you
pleadge walls; others plan firebreaks.

Many, incapable of walking
away, agonize about holding
trump or offering to play
the dummy hand.

Kimberly Peterson has had a number of her poems published in Poetry Breakfast recently. She also has poems scheduled for publication in Banister and 3Element Review in the coming months.