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Crevasse Moon
by Trish Hopkinson
Writer of the Month

memories are a means,
a rescuer,
a new vice.
memoir mines were
once a sincere voice.
now vision narrows,
save a crevasse view.
same as a curse—
a swimmer in ice.

memories are seasons.
movies are voices.
snow is music,
a race i can score,
a moon i can win—
me, one-on-one.
i was someone wiser.
i was a woman. i was more.
i was summer.

Found by applying a restriction often referred to as “Prisoner’s Constraint” using only words with letters which don’t extend above or below the line. The Salt Lake Tribune 14 April 2014: e-edition. 

Trish Hopkinson has always loved words—in fact, her mother tells everyone she was born with a pen in her hand. Trish is co-founder of a local poetry group, Rock Canyon Poets. She is a project manager by profession and resides in Utah with her handsome husband and their two outstanding children. You can follow her poetry adventures at