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Ukpa Tree by Kufre Udeme

Ukpa tree ukpa tree

I know your strange story
Of how you brought worry
To our fishermen
Who fell you by the fen

It was long ago
Father told me so
You were huge and strong
And your body was long

The men hacked you down
Nobody knew you had frown
Yet you lay still
And they began to till

They cut and dug you out
Yet you did not shout
A fine canoe they were making
You lay still watching

Night came and they went away
Until the next fateful day
They returned to found you not
For you had ran away, or blurred like a dot

After searching and searching
The fishermen found you standing
In an hidden boundary
Between another man’s country

Ukpa tree ukpa tree
Nna-nnaukpa ukpa tree

Kufre Udeme is a strong-willed writer with an artistic commitment to beat the blind criticism of Africa. Since 2007, his writings have been published in local and international publications, including All States, The Evangelist, and Update Newspapers. His poem “The Obama Nation” was published in 2011 by Fullosia Press. Please visit to contact him.