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Journey by Cayla McDonald

Like a child so hung up on not eating his vegetables
that he almost misses dessert, you simply
throw a tantrum in an un-childlike way—sifting
through memories, searching for ones to throw

in my face—like a child catapulting his potatoes
off his fork. Why have you digressed in this life?
Can you not see past what lies on your plate?
There is so much more than carrots and potatoes

and turkey and gravy. There is life hiding
behind your mountain of potatoes with the crater
carved in the middle for the lake of gravy.
There are opportunities glazing those carrots.

Can’t you see that you must cross the slippery
plains of turkey before you move on? Embrace
this time. Savor your surroundings. Remember.
Just close your eyes and eat. Dessert will come.

Cayla McDonald is a Creative Writing student at Florida State University. Her work has appeared in Tallahassee Woman Magazine and the FSView & Florida Flambeau. When she is not writing or reading you can find her at the FSU Flying High Circus where she performs Flying Trapeze, Swinging Trapeze, and Double Trapeze.