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Ode to the Groundhog by S.C. Stuckey

Groundhog, groundhog, bearer of spring.
tell me of what tales you bring.
Six more weeks the familiar start .
Anticipation revs my heart.

Will it grow warm with a soft breeze,
or will it snow and make me sneeze?
Will the tulips sprout to kiss the sky,
Or under a blanket of snow lie?

Oh how can I trust you rascally critter
when year after year makes me bitter?
Your forecasts aren’t wrong but also not right
still I can’t sleep on groundhog day eve’s night.

Why do you do it foolish little scamp?
Are you really a weather station tramp?
I cannot believe it, there has to be more.
Please tell us what the weather will have in store.

What are you trying to tell us groundhog dear?
What is the mystery that you wish we could hear?
Shadow or no, it has the same ring.
Six weeks more winter.  Six weeks till spring.

SC Stuckey is a Canadian enjoying the Los Angeles sun who passionately loves her home country, her husband, and her rock-star cats.