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Cestoda by S.C. Stuckey

elongated thoughts danced in the playground
leaning backwards as they swung
legs stretched in front of them
eyes to the sky

barefoot inspirations ran through the dew
moisture clung to their soles
toes free to play in the weeds
brought the seeded dandelions to life

amusing herself, the muse overfilled me
ideas bloated me, a glutton stuffed so that
I had to undo the belt and first button
constricting the waist of my mind

but I fear I’ve a mental tapeworm
absorbing the nutrients of my imagination
the dandy lions and eyed sky
for when I call for artistic sustenance

I am depleted.

SC Stuckey is a Canadian enjoying the Los Angeles sun who passionately loves her home country, her husband, and her rock-star cats.