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Films of 1996

Clockwise, from left:  Fargo  (Image  © Gramcercy Pictures)  , William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet  (Image © 20th Century Fox) , The Birdcage  (Image © United Artists) , Bottle Rocket  (Image © Columbia Pictures) , Trainspotting  (Image © Miramax). 

Clockwise, from left: Fargo (Image  © Gramcercy Pictures) , William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet (Image © 20th Century Fox), The Birdcage (Image © United Artists), Bottle Rocket (Image © Columbia Pictures), Trainspotting (Image © Miramax). 


The Drunk Monkeys Filmcast crew take a look back at their younger days, with their top 5 movies of 1996! 

What was your favorite movie of 1996? And do you agree or disagree with our picks? Email us below and we might read your answers on the next episode of the Filmcast! 

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