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Drunk Monkeys Radio
Episode 1
Bud Smith

Bud Smith in NYC. 

Bud Smith in NYC. 

We're excited to share, at long last, the debut of our new podcast, DRUNK MONKEYS RADIO! 

The podcast will be as eclectic as our site is, featuring one-on-one interviews with writers and artists, in-depth film discussion, and readings of short stories, poems, and essays! 

Our first episode features an interview with New York author Bud Smith (author of the novels Tollbooth and F 250) by DM Editor-in-chief Matthew Guerruckey. 

Let us know what you think of the show, and if you know of any podcast platforms that you would like the show to appear on, contact us and let us know! 

Drunk Monkeys Radio theme song by Lauren Kinney. 

Drunk Monkeys Radio logo by Andrew Gallagher.