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Wingspan: Poems
By Kai Coggin

A collection of poetry from our Writer of the Month, Kai Coggin

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KAI COGGIN our Writer of the Month for April 2016. She is a poet, author, and teaching artist living on the side of a small mountain in Hot Springs National Park, AR. 

TREV HILL is originally from Britain, and now lives in Poland with his wife and his cat, Molly. He sings folk songs and occasionally writes plays. 

JOSEPH KASLER is a writer and musician who lives in Pittsburgh, PA. He is married and has a three-year-old daughter. 

ERIC MATTSON was born in New Jersey and graduated from Rutgers-Camden. After school he took up construction to focus on poetry and music. 

GABRIEL RICARD is an editor and writer with Kleft Jaw Press, the author of Captain Canada's Movie Rodeo at Drunk Monkeys, and a contributor at Cultured VulturesHe is the author of Clouds of Hungry Dogs

SCOTT STOLLER's poems have appeared in many online and print journals and anthologies. He lives with his wife and family in the suburbs of Chicago. 

SCOTT WALDYN is the Editor-in-Chief of the literary magazine Literary Orphans, and leads a quiet existence until his brain flares up and paints colors over a black and white reality. 

BILL CUSHING earned an MFA in writing from Goddard College and currently teaches English at both Mount San Antonio and East Los Angeles colleges. 

CHARLES JOSEPH lives and writes in Montclair, NJ. One day he hopes to own a farm and raise chickens. 

SARAH LILIUS lives in Arlington, VA with her husband and two sons. She is a poet and an assistant editor for ELJ Publications. 

M.G. POE grew up in Miami, but now lives in Los Angeles. She once earned her living as a hackney for the radio industry, and can still crank out copy on demand in under forty minutes. 

ALEX SCHUMACHER has toiled away in the relative obscurity of minimum wage jobs and underground comics longer than he cares to admit. 

JOHN STUPP has lived and worked in various states a a jazz musician, university instructor, taxi driver, radio news writer, waiter, auto factory labeler, and paralegal. 

OLIN WISH is the father of three young children, a student, and a full-time bread-winner. He currently resides in a small Midwestern town in the United States. 

DAVID GARVEY is studying for his MA in Digital Publishing at the University of Illinois in Springfield. 

NAIMA KARCZMAR is a bi-racial, semi-youthful, fairly gay student living in Portland, OR with the help of two cats and a fabulous mentor. 

DONALD McCARTHY is the Features Editor of Drunk Monkeys. His fiction has appeared in KZine and Cover of Darkness and his non-fiction has appeared in The Progressive Populist. 

MARTINA REISZ NEWBERRY's most recent book is Where It Goes. She lives in Hollywood, CA with her husband Brian and their four-legged best pal, Charlie the Cat. 

GABRIELLE SORGE dreams of a world in which she could love off of baguettes and olives. 

JOHN TEEL is a union ironworker from Philadelphia. When he's not working, he spends his time with his wife Rae, their son Charlie, and their insane dog Gizmo, who they never feed after midnight. 

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