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POETRY / Guide to a Happy Life / S. C. Cline


Step 1

Decipher the difference between
lust and love,
pink nipples pinched taught
in the night
taste sweeter when
licked on the body you love.

Step 2

Whisper to the twin
you absorbed in the womb
as you fall into sleep at night
from the bottom of the the well,
dark and deep and smelling of moss.
See him as he watches you from the top
but does not bring you a ladder. You
ask him why every night for 6 weeks
in a row and he says nothing.
Tonight, you start laughing because he finally answers,
“It’s your turn, stupid!”

Step 3

Jump off the bridge
you have been sitting in front of for
100 years
(though you can barely walk now,
knees turned in on themselves
like penrose stairs).
Fall to your death,
and wake up.

Catherine Cline is in love with words, photography, travel, and languages. She's a full-time undergraduate student studying Creative Writing, Spanish, and International Relations at Florida International University. She prides herself most on her ability to be patient with children, pets, and literary magazine response times, and the fact that she can get a hula-hoop from her waist to her neck in one swift motion (seriously, it's true).