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POETRY / The Patron Saint of Nothing in Particular / Lauren Milici / Writer of the Month


For G 

The first time I break skin, bleed 
on nice white sheets, but not the last.
Loss is never a person & no one can break
this kid’s heart, she is so far beyond that. 
The woman I become shaves her head 
again & again because nothing ever feels clean. 
For a year, I don’t let anyone 
                        fuck me. My body is a nest
of cut wire that wants to kill but I die 
in a small town before I can even lift the knife. 
I was saved by the sister I begged God for 
when I was five & a bruise was only a bruise 
was only a bruise.

Glass Poetry Best of the Net Nomination

Lauren Milici is a Florida native who writes poetry, teaches English, and is currently getting her MFA in Creative Writing somewhere in the mountains of West Virginia. When she isn’t crafting sad poems about sex, she’s either writing or shouting into the void about film, TV, and all things pop culture.