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POETRY / the dumpsters / Mary Kasimor


the other broken carnivals

all around are pieces of death

with god ‘s sin       

                         we exit 

time melting ambivalence

a corpse celebrated    

the last whirlwind

small bodies collapsed and lost

               among teeming death 

the finality

never discovers the suffering

tombs hold

the sexual ending of virgins

better to drown 

than touched        our bodies 

               can’t help us 

 alive             in one moment 

              of remembering,

breathing their mothers’ breath,

a fatal movement 

            in birth the flat blue water 

gathers together 

the oxygen swept up in the blood  

for another innocence project 

                                        lost stars 

blow up like faces          isolated

 we exit our forgetting

         scars scatter    like requiems

for the rich

the food in their mouths 

the secrets of plenty

Mary Kasimor has been writing poetry for many years and is still looking for her voice. Her recent poetry collections are The Landfill Dancers (BlazeVox Books 2014), Saint Pink (Moria Books 2015), The Prometheus Collage (Locofo Press 2017), and Nature Store (Dancing Girl Press 2017). Her poetry has been published in many journals, including Word For/Word, Touch the Donkey, Posit, Human Repair Kit, Arteidolia (collaboration with Susan Lewis), and Otoliths.