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POETRY / The Question / Jennifer Rodriguez / Writer of the Month


What would be best? You asked.


Just a moment frozen in time 

An idealized vision of perfection to carry forever,
like a memorized photograph for when life’s aches come to haunt our souls 

I knew I wanted this too – the dream. 

A Neptunian fantasy that we would always long for but never fulfill. 

Yet, I knew it would torture me inevitably until the last of my days. 

I stared silently into those eyes, your eyes

Black orbs that consumed me quietly but instantly stole my soul away from my body, wrapped around me like a seductive snake and breathed in my every breath until I left my aching body behind and ascended to the skies above 

Your eyes are the night sky I always seek out – but they consume me like black holes without restrain, trepidation or warning.   

I knew not what to say.

What would be best?

Perhaps there is no answer, not now anyway. 

For now, I’m here and then I’m there. 

With you in your eyes. 

You in mine. 

We float in these immense skies. 

Maybe, nothing is best. 


Except maybe this

Jennifer Rodriguez is a Latina writer and admirer of all art forms. She has a Bachelor's degree in Communications with a minor in Spanish from California State University of Fullerton. She works as a public relations professional in Southern California while constantly fueling her love for creative projects, and seeking the answers of the universe through art forms. Her work has appeared in Desamor Zine, Memoir Mixtapes and Dear Movies Zine. Visit her at