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POETRY / April Goes Out Like Achilles / Sage


            with a lyric from Homer

After rain, I lie on grass with worms.
I wait with them for blue-jay beaks.
Squirrel-aways tend to nests.

A crow drops silver rings in birch’s hollow
where bark peels off like parchment.
I use the bark for spells     lately

I gifted it to corvids for their junk depository.
Not sure how long their lease lasts, but I’m patient.
Its trunk is good & firm, we tell the king of war,

Now come, we haul a black ship into the bright sea.
God comes down to sit awhile on the beach.
Decomposers know him best, & he calls us each by name

Like this: Ease. Ease. Ease.

Sage studies poetry at Elms College, where they have also been awarded the Blue House fellowship. Their poetry appears/will appear in Empty Mirror, North American Review, Penn Review, Pittsburgh Poetry Review, The Rumpus, and elsewhere. Find them on twitter @sagescrittore.