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The Frother Whisk
Laura Foley


When I discover, one dark morning, 
a year after our nation’s calamity,
my latte maker’s missing
its most important part—
an inner screw that, normally,
holds the frother whisk in place,
allowing the foam to coalesce
to serve a greater purpose—
I call the urgent Nespresso line, 
whose appointed representative
reassures, as I wish our leader could—
they understand the crisis, 
will hurry a replacement
to our hilltop in Vermont, 
and what else can they do
to help? Please whisk yourselves
into the Oval Office
Replace the lost screw-in-chief—
overnight service preferred.

The author of six poetry collections, Laura Foley has been published in journals around the world, including New Zealand (Poems in the Waiting Room), Australia (XPressions), China (Shanghai Literary Review), England (Aesthetica Creative Writing Anthology and Poetry Society London), Scotland (McClellan Poetry, Arran Arts and Trust), Ireland (Cronnog Magazine and Los Gatos Irish Arts Festival), Canada (Room Magazine) and throughout the USA.