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[on the way to Dragon Express]
Caseyrenée Lopez
Writer of the Month


on the way to Dragon Express for lo mein
a blue super moon hanging overhead
your car, dark & cavernous
i put my hand on your lap, 
fingers grazing your fly

you’re packing today
& didn’t tell me

you let me discover your notsecret, i purr

you put your hand on my hand
& my palm acknowledges
the length of your cock

you’re still getting comfortable
with your pack & play STP

the moon cuts through the dark
you trace small circles
across the top of my hand
with your middle finger

goosebumps expose my interior self 

Originally from Georgia, Caseyrenée Lopez relocated with their family to Virginia in the summer of 2017. Caseyrenée works as a professor of English at John Tyler Community College. They are the author of two full-length collections of poetry, the new gods (Bottlecap Press, March 2018) and i was born dead (About Editions, October 2018), as well as a chapbook heretic bastard (Clare Songbirds Publishing House, forthcoming). In addition to teaching and writing, Caseyrenée also edits Crab Fat Magazine and publishes poetry and experimental work by queer and trans people at Damaged Goods Press. They tweet @caseyreneelopez.