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Searching Huffington Post
Catherine M. Anderson


Searching Huffington Post for articles
on "Compassionate ways to ask
your spouse for a divorce"did not prove
fruitful. Instead he found himself
nodding gently at the suggestion
that fantasizing about divorce
might actually be healthy for some
couples. He made a mental note
that patience, empathy, and affection
were all proven strategies of successful
couples who did not divorce.
He thought their odds of being that
some couple, were more promising than
not. Meanwhile his wife, facing the other
direction, in a fetal position in bed
scrolled through the very same article
quite by accident (and absurdly revealing
of the pair's similar wiring) wondering
what in the hell was the point of wasting
space on patience, empathy and affection
when clearly the time had passed
for anyone bothering to read this, now. 

Catherine M. Anderson creates and curates theater, poetry and photography in Portland, Maine. She blogs and shares her poems and photography at