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Prince's Cloud Guitar from Purple Rain Speaks
Aimee Mackovic



Ain't no two lovers closer
than him and I
                               you thought
he had fingers nah those
were just my strings he made flesh
                               you thought
he had a heart but that was just
my body he morphed into music
                               you thought
he had a voice nah man
that was just us shouting secrets

at the world. marvel the fire
our breath makes, blazing
everything down 

Aimee Mackovic is a poet and professor of English currently living in Austin, Texas. Her work has appeared in journals such as Main Street Rag, Gravel, and Shark Reef, among others. She was the featured poet of Issue 9 of UCity Review. Her chapbooks include Potpourri and Dearly Beloved: the Prince poems. Her debut collection, Love Junky, was released in October 2017 from Lit City Press. In Love Junky, she explores being female through the lenses of sister, daughter, lover, medical patient and friend. Obsessions include traveling, buying books at used book stores, Prince & the color purple, her rescue dog, and Broadway musical soundtracks. You can find her books on Amazon or