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POETRY / On the 43rd Anniversary of Jaws / Andrew Nye


You’ll never swim in the ocean 
again, Harbor Master, Shark Shooter, 
Heir of Polyamorous Meats. I’ll get back 
to you in partial remains, partially

denuded. Hold your accolades, 
ladies and gentlemen, for dynamite outs
the fish. We will switch off summer 

as soon as possible and your lust for it. 
The UV rays of it, the bleached bones of it, 
the box of shiny things of it. Neon

clothes may nick the heart’s resolve,
but a rogue on shore is something else 
in love. Sunk pontoon. Seaweed tapestry. 
An apron  

mistaken for water fowl.  Oh and alas, 
the beast comes back. We kill it,
and the beast comes back.

Andrew Nye is a poetry editor for Blue Earth Review and teaches writing at Minnesota State University Mankato. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Five:2:One #slideshow, ANON Magazine, Clockwise Cat, and Cold Green Tea Press.