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POEM / Blood Rorschach / Sarah Nichols


There are people all over
this town with my 
teeth marks in them.

Blood blossoming, bitch in a
gulp of air.

I want attention, like god plucking
me with tiny 
teeth hands. A release of
jagged stitches, imaginary, so

freak sweet, My mouth
guessing how much dark,
how much blood. Offerings 

to myself.


This is a found poem. Sources:
Pelecanos, George. The Sweet Forever. Boston: Little, Brown, 1998. Print, p. 236.
Flynn, Gillian. Sharp Objects. New York: Broadway Books, 2006. Print

Sarah Nichols lives and writes in Connecticut. She is the author of several chapbooks, including Dreamland for Keeps (Porkbelly Press, 2018) and Little Sister (Grey Book Press, 2018.) Her poems and essays can also be found in the RS 500, Memoir Mixtapes, Five 2 One's The Sideshow, and Moonchild Magazine.