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Diddle Knabb
Writer of the Month

the worst thing i ever did was spit on a mcdonald's cheeseburger that my aunt bought for me and threw it at her feet because i was mad my mom kicked me out of the house the week of my birthday for telling my hot english teacher that i had been in foster care. my sister heard me tell the hot english teacher "i lived with a mormon lady for a few months while in foster care and it sucked" and she ran home to tell on me. when i got home all my stuff was packed in black garbage bags and i had to go live with my aunt because i made the family look bad. the cheeseburger had ketchup on it and i was like r u fucking kidding me so spit in it and threw it at her feet. 

diddle knabb is the mother of dragons of chihuahuas. she is the editor of fem rag lit mag and lives in chicago.