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Diddle Knabb
Writer of the Month

my parents have a joint facebook account bc my mom found out my dad was messaging someone name TexasTitties2006 in an online poker game and she lost. her. goddamn. mind and threw the tv down the stairs. i just happened to be walking down the stairs and she threw the tv on me. i was like 'omg, ow!' but i had to leave for work after accidentally catching a 60" tv on my head. i got to work late and so did the other girl who was supposed to open with me so my boss was pissed. he asked us why we were late and i told him that my mom threw a tv at me and was threatening to divorce the family. the other lady didn't have as good of an excuse i guess because she got fired and i didn't. \_(:/)_/

diddle knabb is the mother of dragons of chihuahuas. she is the editor of fem rag lit mag and lives in chicago.