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America; America
Rachel Nix

Photo by  Philipp Berndt  on  Unsplash

I keep having this dream where
the white man isn’t angry
the black man entered
the white house.

When I wake up, the white man
has stolen everything.

I tell my neighbors but they don’t believe me
because he’s a white man wearing a red hat

and says he owns a bible.

They tell me he is our president and I don’t believe them
because I remember voting with my nephew
on my hip, his chubby fingers reaching for the ballot
while telling myself:

                              I’m with her because he’s with me.

I keep having this dream, America,
and you keep building more doors
for white men to enter our houses.

Rachel Nix serves various editorial positions at cahoodaloodaling, Hobo Camp Review, and Screen Door Review. She also edited the international anthology America Is Not the World. Her own work has appeared in Rogue Agent, Up the Staircase Quarterly and Words Dance. She resides in Northwest Alabama, where pine trees outnumber people rather nicely, and can be followed at @rachelnix_poet on Twitter.