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Joseph Iraggi

Hooded among night drifts as September sweats out summer
Taken to walking, reading
           my mind, mine and these sweet streets
strip sunsets, while Sativa burns-- blended in
Diesel--through my nostril, because my inseam keen 

Waltzing to the Weeknd we get acquainted, again
           past the lone Oak teeming with minions on weekends
                   fan folk to soak in rum and coke with powder nose
Bless Yous, stay over until tomorrow, blastin
           sun rays, maybe in my, no longer now
       I sizzle down, to the stature of mature St. Augustine green,
Freshly clipped quips to dip betwixt sidewalks and drives,
Among Ranges of fiberglass meets metallic rubber, I continue

           Breathing into myself, my day, minding the curves,
filling the valley, with firm fronds, to prick, to prattle, to prove
           inside my strides, I’m movement, I travel, I groove over
until I stop by and greet a young slick, smooth, gay maybe, likely
           affected by these uppity confines, this WeHo, but
he warms, this heat and shared grins, no chagrin, leavings of
                  gladness, still tired – wired – alive – more
to know, moon with 10  o clock at 80 degrees of madness,

summer will relent, reels-of-real flitter from branches of banks, 
where checks
demarcate funs, timely traditions to come.   

Raised in Dallas TX and Portland OR, Joseph was exposed early on to a diverse array of cultural experience. In 2011, after marching through 6 years of school, Joseph received his Master’s of Professional Writing degree from the University of Southern California. His work has been published in the Aforementioned Press’s publication apt, and the Five 2 One Magazine Issues 12 &14. He is a tutor/teacher living in West Hollywood.