John McCain and The Vampire Fish from the Tangent Universe
M.G. Poe

On election night, November 7, 2016, when ABC Election coverage announced that Donald Trump took Florida, I actually went into the bathroom, closed the door, lowered the toilet lid, sat down, and cried. I know quite a few of us who did the same; we knew something we could not explain, something hitherto unprecedented had just happened. When North Carolina and Ohio went red and finally, Iowa, I wretchedly watched George Stephanopoulos, clearly nonplussed, ask his co-anchoring panel of pundits, “How could this happen when a solid majority of Americans said that Donald Trump wasn’t qualified for the job?”

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Ghabeleh Hamleh
Suzi Ehtesham-Zadeh

The pounding in Amana’s temples won’t let up, and it’s beginning to scare her. She has had headaches before, but this is something different—it feels like some kind of creature has invaded her body and is occupying every square inch of it, from the tips of her fingers, which won’t stop tingling, to the pit of her stomach, which feels like it is being stretched and twisted and kneaded like bread dough.

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Why Republicans are Like Keyser Soze
Zeke Jarvis

In today’s society, we often take great pleasure in putting down our enemies. One especially fun way to do that is to compare them to despised or disgusting things. If a teacher is too strict, the he or she is like a boring BDSM master or mistress. If a roommate is lazy, then he or she is a useless pile of crap. Because both of my parents worked in education, my natural enemy is the Republican Party. And so, to get in on the fun, I will say that the current Republican Party is like Keyser Soze from the film The Usual Suspects.

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Luis Lopez-Maldonado

I am here  cuz  I am  too  Mexican  for  Americans  too  American
for  Mexicans & too  feminine for masculine, I am here cuz even as bodies keep dropping 

jails  keep  maxing &  whites  keep  robbing, these  large  brown  hands  with  nail  polish
will rise  &  fist up for freedom for revenge for tradition & for that  little queer brown boi  

that has yet to be born.   

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