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100 WORD FILM REVIEWS / Captain Marvel

100 WORD FILM REVIEWS / Captain Marvel

The Marvel franchise always veers in quality, but rarely has an installment shifted as jarringly in tone as Captain Marvel, a film as confused as its amnesiac lead character. In the rush to make Carol Danvers Tony Stark, the writers forgot that Downey’s vulnerability sells his one liners. A few moments toward the end showcase Larson’s natural strengths, but the push to make Carol 90’s cool just makes her feel like warmed-over Starlord. If you’re looking for a version of Captain Marvel who’s cocky but compassionate you’ll need to pick up a comic book, because she’s not on screen.

100 WORD BOOK REVIEWS / Crazy About Kurt by Will Link

100 WORD BOOK REVIEWS / Crazy About Kurt by Will Link

We are deeply nostalgic for the 90’s right now. I get it. I was there, too, and some of it I still remember fondly. Will Link remembers the decade in a very relatable way with his novel Crazy About Kurt (Cobain, whose death is a major focal point for this Long Island story). His book, which encompasses four likable teenagers, as a group, and occasionally on their own, will certainly give you enough references of the time to help build this world. However, Link relies on more than just the music and movies of the day to create an engaging, poignant, and very believable book. He loves these characters, and he defines them with more than just what they like. The best trips into the wayback machine will always have that quality.

FICTION / They Will Come For Us / Joel Mak

Our old pals lounged on the bench overlooking the water. It wasn’t hard to tell they were there. The air warped in striations where they were present, like looking at water boil up close. Sometimes, the air took on the colour of soap in a puddle, a psychedelic swirling rainbow. Staring at them for too long was like trying to keep an eyelid open in water. 

FICTION / Colin Winters / Z.Z. Boone

Colin Winters didn’t perform badly. This was my second section of composition, and he’d apparently taken in enough to repeat the lesson he’d sat through earlier. I watched from the back of the room as he repeated my words, my hand gestures, the notes I’d written on the board. When Lenin Diaz’s cellphone chirped, as it does at least a couple of times each class, Colin Winters lifted it out of his hand before the kid could answer. 

FICTION / Bite Marks / John Waterfall

“I don’t know. I’m not everyone.” She shifted and he realized his arm was asleep, tingling dully under her weight. He started to pull it out from under her and he saw the movement made her dissolve in places, gashes of ragged white static spreading across her thigh and shoulder, her neck, the bite marks where she’d been unmade. He resumed his grasp, hoping to undue the damage. 

POETRY / GHB / Teo Mungaray / Writer of the Month

Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid. Jeff mixes it with cranberry. Gives me a one-gram dose.
Drink the bitter stuff fast, then wash it down with Gatorade. Takes a bit to kick in.

There are sheets pinned to the windows, so no light can seep in. We take his mattress
& pull it into the living room. Other men come & go. Jeff opens a suitcase of clothes.