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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR / October 2019 / Kolleen Carney Hoepfner


Hello friends! 

Welcome to October and with it the tenth issue of the year. Last month we featured phenomenal work, including Writer of the Month Tai Farnsworth. This month we're featuring some great stuff, and our Writer of the Month, Kenning Jean-Paul Garcia, is offering us work that is powerful and unlike anything we've ever showcased. I hope you love it as much as we do. 

Next month will be our annual November special edition. We were originally going to call it No Home November (a take on No Shave November; we're featuring work that appeared previously in now defunct journals), but sitting on that name for a while I realized it didn't feel right. I don't want anyone to think we're making light of homelessness, which is an epidemic here in SoCal as well as across the country. So we've renamed the issue NEW Home November, and we're glad to give these pieces a second chance. 

It's hard to get into that fall feeling in SoCal. Today is was in the high 80s and I got a sunburn at the pumpkin patch. This is the time of year I miss the east coast the most: sweaters and chilly air and soups. If you're in a cooler climate, think of me when you pull your light jacket on.

Thanks for being here with us for another month, and the majority of another year. Thank you for your patience (especially with me; I've been so behind on things since the baby was born, and I'm still struggling to catch up with everything).

We're open for submissions until November 30th. Send us your things! We'll be working on our cartoon anthology Life is Like a Hurricane so that we can get it out by December or January. Submissions will close in December for a month, and then we'll be open again in January for everything INCLUDING our April Pop Culture issue! Get psyched.

I'm exhausted so I'm signing off. Thanks for being there, readers. We love you.