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Two Guns
Jette Harris

“The back of the house still smelled like death,” Jette Harris (author of COLOSSUS/Run Rabbit Run Book 1) writes, opening Two Guns with clear intent. Harris fully intends to plunge us deeper into madness than Book 1 ever dreamed of achieving. In a story that continues what she started with the very good COLOSSUS: Run Rabbit Run Book 1, Harris shows a wealth of improvement from one already-exceptional book to the next. Two Guns expands brilliantly and powerfully on Avery Rhodes. At the same time, Two Guns also gives us new characters, while expanding the universe established one book prior. Two Guns is a near-flawless continuation of Harris’ ongoing story. Optimize your enjoyment of this title by checking out the previous installment. 

Gabriel Ricard

Two Guns by Jette Harris 

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