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The Lodgers

Charlotte Vega in  The Lodgers  (Image © Epic Pictures Group)

Charlotte Vega in The Lodgers (Image © Epic Pictures Group)


Brian O’Malley’s (Let Us Prey) sophomore effort cements his reputation as a horror director with old school tendencies. Like Ti West’s The Innkeepers, The Lodgers relies heavily on character, deliberate pacing, and atmosphere, even though the payoff is poorly executed. Set in 1920s Ireland, twins Rachel (a standout Charlotte Vega) and Edward’s family estate is haunted by a presence which imposes three rules upon them: be in bed by midnight; never let a stranger enter; don’t try escaping, otherwise the other’s life will be endangered. Viewers demanding visceral, bloody thrills will be disappointed; others, like myself, may be briefly entranced. 

Sean Woodard 

The Lodgers 

Starring Charlotte Vega, Bill Milner, Eugene Simon, and David Bradley 

Written by David Turpin 

Directed by Brian O'Malley 

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