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Thoughts for the Day by Barbara Iczkowski


For this day, I’m grateful
A day is like a tree, it bears many fruits.
Open your heart and spend this day
in awe of the wonderful gifts that surround you.
The stars shine for you.
The sky is a hand painted gift from God to You, one that changes everyday.
Spend this day in wonderment collecting as many gifts as you can find.
Your day will change from ordinary into delightful!


Marriage is a relationship in the highest degree.
During the ceremony, there are two jars of sand:
one represents the husband, the other the bride.
The minister holds both up, and pours them into a larger jar simultaneously.
This represents the lack of separation between the two,
it is now the purest form of alchemy containing both of you.

In your cauldron lie all your truths, your hopes, dreams, fears.
It is the truth of what and who you are.
This is where you remove all your fears, and take off your mask.
It is the sacredness of your union.

As time goes by, you start picking out the pieces you do not like,
piece by piece you begin to destroy what you once held Holy.
To grow in love,
don’t do to your mate, what you don’t want your mate to do to you.
Return to Love, return to the pureness of both of you.

When you know both, you and your mate,
can do all of the above,
you are now ready to enter into into everlasting love.

Barbara Iczkowski is a Reiki Master II student currently residing Los Angeles.

© 2011 Barbara Iczkowski