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Your Fedora Looks Stupid by Cassie Ciopryna

Your fedora looks stupid
and your hair is frizzy.
I hope you don’t think
you’re going to impress
the Starbucks barista
with that look, because
we’ve already been making

googly eyes at each other
for a few months now
and have had quite a few
ten second conversations.
Your dress sort of looks
like the striped one I wore
to a 4th of July picnic yesterday,

except cheaper, and not as
pretty or figure flattering.
You’re no match for my
Urban Outfitters button
down cheetah top and
bronzed skin.  He won’t give
you his white toothed, freckle

faced smile like he does to
greet me every weekday,
so keep your sunglasses on.
No direct eye contact.

My tall iced skinny Caramel
Macchiato is ready now and
I’ll think of your face as I plunge
the green straw in my plastic cup.

Cassie Ciopryna has her BA in English and will soon be receiving an MFA in Poetry. She currently works in a mind-draining office day job and hopes to be saved from it soon. She has been published in Adanna and Silent Revelations Press.